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About Me

JE Portrait

Passionate about your success


I’m a 30 year old residing in the United Kingdom, my professional experience lies in operations management, business planning and strategy.  

Born as an introvert, I always found it difficult talking to others and often come across as reserved. This is something which has often made me shy away from opportunities and has made me dig deep to try and live a life free of regrets.  

I have kept Amazon in business with my addiction to Personal Development literature over the years but this mixed with the benefit of “growing up” has helped me view things differently.



I am currently writing a book which will allow others to break down their belief system about themselves and to take opportunities that they previously would have avoided.  

My approach is based on the assumption that our personality characteristics are something which can be developed and shaped just like our physical bodies. I’m confident that this will bring a fresh insight into how we view ourselves and others.

Please do reach out if this something you are interested in.